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EFL will consider lifting Saturday 3pm blackout in next TV deal

Lifting the Saturday 3pm blackout is one option the English Football League will consider in the sale of its next television and media rights. The league confirmed on Wednesday it

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Stem cell study reveals how neurons from PTSD patients react to stress

Stem cell-derived neurons from combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) react differently to a stress hormone than those from veterans without PTSD, a finding that could provide insights into

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Rosneft moves into tanker chartering as EU ban looms

Russia’s biggest oil exporter Rosneft has expanded its tanker chartering business to ease oil shipments for buyers amid looming Western sanctions on insurance of Russian oil shipments, three sources familiar

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Silent Hill is back, but is it too much too soon?

At 10.02pm last night, alone in the kitchen, I screamed aloud in an empty room. To be fair, screaming is something I do a lot when Silent Hill is involved.

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Billionaire MacKenzie Scott Donates $15m to Provide Glasses to Farmers With Blurry Vision in Developing Nations

Jeff Bezos’ former wife MacKenzie Scott has donated $15 million to provide hundreds of thousands of people with eyeglasses. It’s believed to be the largest private donation towards assisting uncorrected

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